Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 5 - Life Getting in the Way

Day: 5
Current Weight: 263.7
Starting Weight: 267.9
Weight Loss: -4.2 pounds

Being sick has totally sidetracked this project.

My taste buds are so overwealmed with phloem that the only thing I can taste is horrible greasy, super strong types of food. So that's what I've been eating.

But I did manage to maintain, so that is a plus.

And on top of this, I'm having electrical problems with my car so that my back lights don't work (Which causes my car to not be able to shift out of park without using a spoon to press the brake release) - so basically I am stuck at home once it gets dark.

Fighting to not drown my sorrows in about 1500 calories of McDonalds for lunch today.

I hope to have something better to report come tomorrow.

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